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                         HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION 4429



State of Washington              52nd Legislature             1992 Regular Session


By Representatives Peery, Ballard, Betrozoff, Brumsickle, Paris, Jones, H. Myers and Rayburn


Read first time 01/27/92.  Referred to Committee on Education.Endorsing the Council on Education Reform and Funding's goals and mission.

     WHEREAS, The Council on Education Reform and Funding was formed by Governor Gardner by Executive Order No. 91-04 to create an education system that is flexible and ensures that all students perform at substantially higher levels; and

     WHEREAS, The Council has recognized the need to move the education system of Washington from educational inputs to improved student outcomes; and

     WHEREAS, The Council has adopted the following Vision Statement:  The education system in Washington State is world class because all students are successful learners and responsible citizens; and

     WHEREAS, The Council had adopted a mission statement for its work which includes developing a comprehensive, flexible, and integrated education reform plan, that will result in improved performance of all students, and that will be implemented within a five-year time frame; and

     WHEREAS, The Council will deliver action-oriented recommendations to the legislature and the citizens of the State of Washington upon completion of its work in December 1992; and

     WHEREAS, The Council has begun the process for adoption of state-wide Student Learning Goals to be achieved by all children; and

     WHEREAS, The Council has created six subgroups on:  Student Learning, Outcomes, and Assessment; Professional Development; Management, Governance, and Accountability; Resources, Funding, and Accountability; Readiness to Learn; and School to School and School to Work Transitions; and the Council has enlisted additional support of educators, parents, community and business leaders to ensure that the work includes broad perspectives; and

     WHEREAS, The Council is working to coordinate complex and sometimes competing issues; and

     WHEREAS, The Council believes that a strong commitment and concerted effort on the part of every sector and every citizen will be required to ensure students master the Student Learning Goals;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Legislature endorse the Council's charge and plan of work and look forward to receiving its recommendations in December 1992.