HOUSE BILL 2841






                        52nd Legislature

                      1992 Regular Session

Passed by the House February 14, 1992

  Yeas 92   Nays 0




Speaker of the

       House of Representatives


Passed by the Senate March 5, 1992

  Yeas 48   Nays 0



I, Alan Thompson, Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives of the State of Washington, do hereby certify that the attached is HOUSE BILL 2841 as passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate on the dates hereon set forth.




President of the Senate

                               Chief Clerk



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Governor of the State of Washington

                        Secretary of State

                       State of Washington



                                  HOUSE BILL 2841



                     Passed Legislature - 1992 Regular Session



State of Washington              52nd Legislature             1992 Regular Session


By Representatives Mitchell, Appelwick, Wood, Winsley, Broback, Paris, Miller, Brough, Forner and Haugen


Read first time 01/29/92.  Referred to Committee on Local Government.Exempting donated or worthless property from the uniform unclaimed property act.

     AN ACT Relating to application of the uniform unclaimed property act to personal effects; and amending RCW 63.29.020.




     Sec. 1.  RCW 63.29.020 and 1988 c 226 s 2 are each amended to read as follows:

     (1) Except as otherwise provided by this chapter, all intangible property, including any income or increment derived therefrom, less any lawful charges, that is held, issued, or owing in the ordinary course of the holder's business and has remained unclaimed by the owner for more than five years after it became payable or distributable is presumed abandoned.

     (2) Property, with the exception of unredeemed Washington state lottery tickets and unpresented winning parimutuel tickets, is payable and distributable for the purpose of this chapter notwithstanding the owner's failure to make demand or to present any instrument or document required to receive payment.

     (3) This chapter does not apply to claims drafts issued by insurance companies representing offers to settle claims unliquidated in amount or settled by subsequent drafts or other means.

     (4) This chapter does not apply to property covered by chapter 63.26 RCW.

     (5) This chapter does not apply to used clothing, umbrellas, bags, luggage, or other used personal effects if such property is disposed of by the holder as follows:

     (a) In the case of personal effects of negligible value, the property is destroyed; or

     (b) The property is donated to a bona fide charity.