Z-0531.1/91       _______________________________________________


                                 SENATE BILL 5190



State of Washington              52nd Legislature             1991 Regular Session


By Senators Bailey and Rinehart.


Read first time January 23, 1991.  Referred to Committee on Education.Permitting compensation of school directors' association directors.

     AN ACT Relating to the Washington state school directors' association; and amending RCW 28A.345.030.




     Sec. 1.  RCW 28A.345.030 and 1990 c 33 s 372 are each amended to read as follows:

     The school directors' association shall have the power:

     (1) To prepare and adopt, amend and repeal a constitution and rules and regulations, and bylaws for its own organization including county or regional units and for its government and guidance:  PROVIDED, That action taken with respect thereto is consistent with the provisions of this chapter or with other provisions of law;

     (2) To arrange for and call such meetings of the association or of the officers and committees thereof as are deemed essential to the performance of its duties;

     (3) To provide for the compensation of members of the board of directors in accordance with RCW 43.03.240, and for payment of travel and subsistence expenses incurred by members and/or officers of the association and association staff while engaged in the performance of duties under direction of the association in the manner provided by RCW 28A.320.050;

     (4) To employ an executive ((secretary)) director and other staff and pay such employees out of the funds of the association;

     (5) To conduct studies and disseminate information therefrom relative to increased efficiency in local school board administration;

     (6) To buy, lease, sell, or exchange such personal and real property as necessary for the efficient operation of the association and to borrow money, issue deeds of trust or other evidence of indebtedness, or enter into contracts for the purchase, lease, remodeling, or equipping of office facilities or the acquisition of sites for such facilities;

     (7) To purchase liability insurance for school directors, which insurance may indemnify said directors against any or all liabilities for personal or bodily injuries and property damage arising from their acts or omissions while performing or while in good faith purporting to perform their official duties as school directors;

     (8) To provide advice and assistance to local boards to promote their primary duty of representing the public interest;

     (9) Upon request by a local school district board(s) of directors, to make available on a cost reimbursable contract basis (a) specialized services, (b) research information, and (c) consultants to advise and assist district board(s) in particular problem areas:  PROVIDED, That such services, information, and consultants are not already available from other state agencies, educational service districts, or from the information and research services authorized by RCW 28A.320.110.