S-3995.1          _______________________________________________


                            SUBSTITUTE SENATE BILL 6244



State of Washington              52nd Legislature             1992 Regular Session


By Senate Committee on Financial Institutions & Insurance (originally sponsored by Senators L. Smith and von Reichbauer)


Read first time 02/07/92.Limiting the forms of compensation of public utility district managers.

     AN ACT Relating to public utility district managers' compensation; and amending RCW 54.16.100.




     Sec. 1.  RCW 54.16.100 and 1990 c 16 s 1 are each amended to read as follows:

     The commission, by resolution introduced at a regular meeting and adopted at a subsequent regular meeting, shall appoint and may remove at will a district manager, and shall, by resolution, fix his or her compensation:  PROVIDED, That the resolution contains a full description of the compensation package provided, including information on the initial and ongoing costs and the cash value of the compensation provided.

     The manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the district, in control of all administrative functions and shall be responsible to the commission for the efficient administration of the affairs of the district placed in his or her charge.  The manager shall be an experienced executive with administrative ability.  In the absence or temporary disability of the manager, the manager shall, with the approval of the president of the commission, designate some competent person as acting manager.

     The manager may attend all meetings of the commission and its committees, and take part in the discussion of any matters pertaining to the duties of his or her department, but shall have no vote.

     The manager shall carry out the orders of the commission, and see that the laws pertaining to matters within the functions of his or her department are enforced; keep the commission fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the districts; prepare an annual estimate for the ensuing fiscal year of the probable expenses of the department, and recommend to the commission what development work should be undertaken, and what extensions and additions, if any, should be made during the ensuing fiscal year, with an estimate of the costs of the development work, extensions, and additions; certify to the commission all bills, allowances, and payrolls, including claims due contractors of public works; recommend to the commission compensation of the employees of his or her office, and a scale of compensation to be paid for the different classes of service required by the district; hire and discharge employees under his or her direction; and perform such other duties as may be imposed upon the manager by resolution of the commission.  It is unlawful for the manager to make any contribution of money in aid of or in opposition to the election of any candidate for public utility commissioner or to advocate or oppose any such election.