5048-S AMS ERIC SUGA 051


SSB 5048 - S AMD 164

By Senator Ericksen

ADOPTED 03/23/2017

          On page 93, after line 23, insert the following:

"Liquor Revolving Account-State Appropriation…..$180,000


    Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.


    On page 96, after line 2, insert the following:


"(14) $180,000 of the liquor revolving account-state appropriation is provided solely for the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs to provide grants to cities or counties through interagency agreements for implementation of 24/7 sobriety programs in accordance with RCW 36.28A.300. If Senate Bill No. 5161 is not enacted by June 30, 2017, the amounts provided in this subsection shall lapse."


     Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.




    EFFECT:   Provides funding to cities and counties for 24/7 sobriety programs through the agreements with the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs.  The funding and grants are contingent on the passage of Senate Bill No. 5161.


FISCAL IMPACT: $180,000 from the liquor revolving fund for 2017-19 only. ($360,000 four-year total)





--- END ---