5048-S AMS LIIA MASD 033


SSB 5048 - S AMD 147

By Senator Liias

NOT ADOPTED 03/23/2017

    On page 15, line 2, increase the General Fund-State Appropriation (FY 2018) by $9,000,000.


    On page 15, line 3, increase the General Fund-State Appropriation (FY 2019) by $12,000,000.


    Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.


    On page 16, beginning on line 10, strike all material down and through line 16.


    Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.




    EFFECT: Restores $21,000,000 in General Fund-State funding that was removed to be offset by funds from the national Volkswagen consumer protection settlement.


FISCAL IMPACT:2017-19: $21,000,000 General Fund-State

Four-Year Total: $ 21,000,000




--- END ---