5048-S AMS ROLF S2310.2
SSB 5048 - S AMD 167
By Senator Rolfes
NOT ADOPTED 03/23/2017
On page 146, line 8, strike "$1,308.87" and insert "$1,708.87"
On page 146, line 12, strike "$1,472.01" and insert "$1,755.59"
Beginning on page 166, line 16, strike all of subsection (1) and insert the following:
"(1) $17,741,000 (reduced as appropriate to reflect full delink) of the general fund—state appropriation for fiscal year 2018, $19,652,000 of the general fund—state appropriation for fiscal year 2019, $1,350,000 of the education legacy trust account—state appropriation, and $15,868,000 of the general fund—federal appropriation are provided solely for development and implementation of the Washington state assessment system. Within these amounts, the superintendent of public instruction shall contract for the early return of 10th grade student assessment results, on or around June 10th of each year. Appropriations are reduced to reflect savings from implementation of Substitute House Bill No. 1046 (certificates of achievement)."
EFFECT: Reduces the OSPI Washington state assessment system appropriation to reflect the elimination of the high school graduation requirement of meeting the state standard on state assessments. Redirects the $21 million in savings into increasing MSOC for students in CTE and skill center programs in SY 2017-18.
--- END ---