5048-S AMS VAND HERM 024


SSB 5048 - S AMD 138

By Senator Van De Wege

ADOPTED 03/23/2017

    On page 120, after line 22, insert the following: "(11) Within the appropriations of this section, the department shall initiate outreach with recreational fishing stakeholders so that recreational fishing guide and non-guided angler data can be collected and analyzed to evaluate changes in the structure of guide licensing, with the objectives of: (a) improving the fishing experience and ensuring equitable opportunity for both guided and non-guided river anglers, (b) managing fishing pressure to protect wild steelhead and other species; and (c) ensuring that recreational fish guiding remains a sustainable economic contributor to rural economies.  The department shall convene public meetings in the North Olympic Peninsula and Klickitat River areas, and may include other areas of the state, and shall provide the appropriate standing committees of the legislature a summary of its findings, by December 31, 2017." 




    EFFECT:  Provides direction to the Department of Fish and Wildlife to convene a stakeholder group regarding fisheries and report findings.


FISCAL IMPACT (2017-19): None





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