1521-S2 AMH WALJ ZOLL 090


2SHB 1521 - H AMD 1047

By Representative Walsh

NOT ADOPTED 02/05/2020

On page 6, line 32, after "less;" strike "or"

On page 6, beginning on line 33, after "(c)" strike all material through "surveying" on line 35 and insert "Related to construction, land surveying, plumbing as described in chapter 18.106 RCW, and electrical services as described in chapter 19.28 RCW; or

(d) Awarded pursuant to chapter 39.04, 39.10, or 39.80 RCW or chapter 39.26 RCW for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services"

EFFECT: Removes the exemption for major projects for services related to construction, architecture, engineering, and land surveying. Exempts contracts related to construction, land surveying, plumbing services, and electrical services. Exempts contracts awarded for public works projects, alternative public works projects, architectural and engineering services, and HVAC services.

--- END ---