BySenators Das, Dhingra, Wellman, Nguyen, Carlyle, Stanford, Wilson, C., Saldaña, Lovelett, Liias, McCoy, Hobbs, Zeiger, Holy, Warnick, Hasegawa, Darneille, Brown, Short, Rolfes, Mullet, Randall, Salomon, Cleveland, Takko, Hunt, Keiser, Billig, Walsh, Wilson, L., Schoesler, Fortunato, Becker, Muzzall, King, Wagoner, Hawkins, Frockt, and Kuderer
WHEREAS, Sikhism is a religion founded in the Punjab region of South Asia over five centuries ago and introduced to the United States in the 19th century; and
WHEREAS, Sikhism is the fifth largest world religion with approximately twenty-five million adherents from diverse backgrounds throughout the world, including an estimated five hundred thousand adherents in the United States; and
WHEREAS, Sikhs in the United States pursue diverse professions and walks of life, making rich contributions to the economic vibrancy of the United States; and
WHEREAS, Washington prides itself on being a state where people of all faiths and cultures are welcomed and respected; and
WHEREAS, During the month of April, the Sikh community celebrates Vaisakhi, also known as Khalsa Day, which marks the beginning of the harvest season and the Sikh New Year; and
WHEREAS, Vaisakhi is one of the most religiously significant days in Sikh history, commemorating the creation of the Khalsa, a fellowship of devout Sikhs, by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699; and
WHEREAS, The local Sikh community will be celebrating Vaisakhi on May 9th, 2020, at the Kent ShoWare Center, showcasing Sikh heritage and culture;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Senate of the state of Washington wish our Sikh American community a very joyous Vaisakhi celebration.
I, Brad Hendrickson, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8696,
adopted by the Senate
February 28, 2020
Secretary of the Senate