1090 AMH GRAH LEON 672


HB 1090 - H AMD 98

By Representative Graham

NOT ADOPTED 02/23/2021

On page 3, line 33, after "4013;" strike "or"

On page 3, line 35, after "government" insert "; or

"(i) A facility where the COVID-19 infection rate of its residents in 2020 was less than 25 percent of the average COVID-19 infection rate of residents in correctional facilities operated by state and local governments in 2020"

EFFECT:  Exempts any private detention facility with a 2020 COVID-19 infection rate that was less than 25 percent of the average 2020 COVID-19 infection rate of state and local correctional facilities from the restrictions in the underlying bill, thereby allowing those facilities to continue operating within the state.

--- END ---