RCW 41.50.110

Expenses of administration paid from department of retirement systems expense fundAdministrative expense fee.

(1) Except as provided by RCW 41.50.255 and subsection (6) of this section, all expenses of the administration of the department, the expenses of administration of the retirement systems, and the expenses of the administration of the office of the state actuary created in chapters 2.10, 2.12, 28B.10, 41.26, 41.32, 41.40, 41.34, 41.35, 41.37, 43.43, and 44.44 RCW shall be paid from the department of retirement systems expense fund.
(2) In order to reimburse the department of retirement systems expense fund on an equitable basis the department shall ascertain and report to each employer, as defined in RCW 28B.10.400, 41.26.030, 41.32.010, 41.35.010, 41.37.010, or 41.40.010, the sum necessary to defray its proportional share of the entire expense of the administration of the retirement system that the employer participates in during the ensuing biennium or fiscal year whichever may be required. Such sum is to be computed in an amount directly proportional to the estimated entire expense of the administration as the ratio of monthly salaries of the employer's members bears to the total salaries of all members in the entire system. It shall then be the duty of all such employers to include in their budgets or otherwise provide the amounts so required.
(3) The department shall compute and bill each employer, as defined in RCW 28B.10.400, 41.26.030, 41.32.010, 41.35.010, 41.37.010, or 41.40.010, at the end of each month for the amount due for that month to the department of retirement systems expense fund and the same shall be paid as are its other obligations. Such computation as to each employer shall be made on a percentage rate of salary established by the department. However, the department may at its discretion establish a system of billing based upon calendar year quarters in which event the said billing shall be at the end of each such quarter.
(4) The director may adjust the expense fund contribution rate for each system at any time when necessary to reflect unanticipated costs or savings in administering the department.
(5) An employer who fails to submit timely and accurate reports to the department may be assessed an additional fee related to the increased costs incurred by the department in processing the deficient reports. Fees paid under this subsection shall be deposited in the retirement system expense fund.
(a) Every six months the department shall determine the amount of an employer's fee by reviewing the timeliness and accuracy of the reports submitted by the employer in the preceding six months. If those reports were not both timely and accurate the department may prospectively assess an additional fee under this subsection.
(b) An additional fee assessed by the department under this subsection shall not exceed fifty percent of the standard fee.
(c) The department shall adopt rules implementing this section.
(6) Expenses other than those under RCW 41.34.060(4) shall be paid pursuant to subsection (1) of this section.
(7) During the 2009-2011 and 2011-2013 fiscal biennia, the legislature may transfer from the department of retirement systems' expense fund to the state general fund such amounts as reflect the excess fund balance of the fund. During the 2015-2017 fiscal biennium, state contributions to the judicial retirement system may be made in part by appropriations from the department of retirement systems expense fund.
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