RCW 41.50.710

Property division obligationsRemedies exclusivePayment pursuant to court order defense against claims.

(1) The remedies provided in RCW 41.50.670 through 41.50.720 are the exclusive remedies enforceable against the department or the retirement systems listed in RCW 41.50.030 for the direct payment of retirement benefits to satisfy a property division obligation pursuant to a dissolution order. The department shall not be required to make payments to an obligee of benefits accruing prior to (a) thirty calendar days following service of the dissolution order on the department; or (b) benefit payments restrained under RCW 41.50.720.
(2) Whenever the department of retirement systems makes direct payments of property division to a spouse or ex spouse under RCW 41.50.670 to the extent expressly provided for in any court decree of dissolution or legal separation or in any court order or court-approved property settlement agreement incident to any court decree of dissolution or legal separation, it shall be a sufficient answer to any claim of a beneficiary against the department for the department to show that the payments were made pursuant to court decree.
[ 1991 c 365 § 17.]


Severability1991 c 365: See note following RCW 41.50.500.