RCW 48.06.050

Procedure upon application.

The commissioner shall expeditiously examine the application for a solicitation permit and make any investigation relative thereto deemed necessary. If the commissioner finds that
(1) the application is complete; and
(2) the documents therewith filed are equitable in terms and proper in form; and
(3) the management of the company, whether by its directors, officers, or by any other means is competent and trustworthy and not so lacking in managerial experience as to make a proposed operation hazardous to the insurance-buying public; and that there is no reason to believe the company is affiliated, directly or indirectly, through ownership, control, reinsurance, or other insurance or business relations, with any other person or persons whose business operations are or have been marked, to the detriment of the policyholders or stockholders or investors or creditors or of the public, by bad faith or by manipulation of assets, or of accounts, or of reinsurance; and
(4) the agreements made or proposed are equitable to present and future shareholders, subscribers, members or policyholders, he or she shall give notice to the applicant that he or she will issue a solicitation permit, stating the terms to be contained therein, upon the filing of the bond required by RCW 48.06.110 of this code.
If the commissioner does not so find, he or she shall give notice to the applicant that the permit will not be granted, stating the grounds therefor, and shall refund to the applicant all sums so deposited except the application fee.
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