PDFWAC 182-513-1400

Long-term care (LTC) partnership program (index).

Under the long-term care (LTC) partnership program, people who purchase qualified long-term care partnership insurance policies can apply for long-term care medicaid under special rules for determining financial eligibility. These special rules generally allow the person to protect assets up to the insurance benefits received from a partnership policy so that such assets will not be taken into account in determining financial eligibility for long-term care medicaid and will not subsequently be subject to estate recovery for medicaid and long-term care services paid. The Washington long-term care partnership program is effective on December 1, 2011.
The following rules govern long-term care eligibility under the long-term care partnership program:
(1) WAC 182-513-1405 Definitions.
(2) WAC 182-513-1410 LTC partnership policy qualifications.
(3) WAC 182-513-1415 Assets that can't be protected under the LTC partnership provisions.
(4) WAC 182-513-1420 Eligibility for asset protection under a partnership policy.
(5) WAC 182-513-1425 Not qualifying for LTC medicaid if an LTC partnership policy is in pay status.
(6) WAC 182-513-1430 Change of circumstances that must be reported when there is an LTC partnership policy paying a portion of care.
(7) WAC 182-513-1435 When Washington recognizes an LTC partnership policy purchased in another state.
(8) WAC 182-513-1440 Determining how many assets can be protected.
(9) WAC 182-513-1445 Designating a protected asset and required proof.
(10) WAC 182-513-1450 How the transfer of assets affects LTC partnership and medicaid eligibility.
(11) WAC 182-513-1455 Protected assets under an LTC partnership policy after death.
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