PDFWAC 246-221-220

Disposal of specific wastes.

(1) Any licensee may dispose of the following licensed material without regard to its radioactivity:
(a) 1.85 KBq (0.05 microcurie) or less of hydrogen-3 or carbon-14, per gram of medium, used for liquid scintillation counting; and
(b) 1.85 KBq (0.05 microcurie) or less of hydrogen-3 or carbon-14, per gram of animal tissue averaged over the weight of the entire animal.
(2) The licensee shall not dispose of tissue under this section in a manner that would permit its use either as food for humans or as animal feed; and
(3) Nothing in this section, however, relieves the licensee of maintaining records showing the receipt, transfer and disposal of such radioactive material as specified in WAC 246-220-020; and
(4) Nothing in this section relieves the licensee from complying with other applicable federal, state and local regulations governing any other toxic or hazardous property of these materials.
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