PDFWAC 246-843-130

Continuing education requirements.

(1) A licensed nursing home administrator shall demonstrate completion of thirty-six hours of continuing education every two years and comply with chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 7.
(2) Continuing education approved by the National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) is acceptable for continuing education credit.
(3) Continuing education that is not approved by NCERS must meet the following requirements:
(a) The basic methods of continuing education learning are:
(i) Seminars;
(ii) Teleconferencing;
(iii) Webinars; and
(iv) Self-study programs.
(b) Continuing education courses shall consist of a minimum of one hour of instruction. Hours are based upon clock hours and are calculated in half hour increments. College courses are rated at fifteen hours per each semester unit and ten hours per each quarter credit.
(c) Continuing education must relate to nursing home administration, be designed to promote continued knowledge and skills with nursing home administration standards, and improve and enhance professional competencies. Continuing education must fit within the following subjects:
(i) Resident centered care;
(ii) Human resources;
(iii) Finance;
(iv) Environment;
(v) Leadership and management;
(vi) Suicide prevention;
(vii) Cultural competency training;
(viii) Laws relating to Washington state nursing homes.
(d) The licensee shall retain proof of course completion. To receive full credit, attendees shall attend the full program. The maximum number of hours allowed for continuing education is twelve hours per day.
(4) Continuing education credit of two hours per month may be granted to a preceptor of an administrator-in-training program.
(5) Continuing education credit of a maximum of two hours per month may be granted for serving as a board member for the board of nursing home administrators.
(6) Within one hundred eighty days after becoming licensed, a nursing home administrator shall attend a board approved course on laws relating to nursing homes in Washington. The board will grant retroactive credit to those licensees who obtain the required training as administrators-in-training under WAC 246-843-090. The state law training course consists of a minimum of a six-hour program, with formal training objectives, that covers the requirements of chapter 18.52 RCW and essential areas of laws that apply to nursing homes regulated by the department of social and health services under chapter 388-97 WAC to include:
(a) Resident services, medical and social;
(b) Resident rights, including resident decision making, informed consent, advance directives and notices to residents;
(c) Enforcement;
(d) Criminal history inquiries;
(e) Differences between federal and state law.
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