PDFWAC 246-870-050

What are the requirements for fax machines?

Prescription orders may be transmitted to pharmacists directly from the prescriber using facsimile transmission devices subject to the following requirements:
(1) The order contains the date, time, and telephone number and location of the transmitting device.
(2) Prescriptions for Schedule III, IV, and V drugs may be transmitted at any time.
(3) Prescriptions for Schedule II drugs may be transmitted only under the following conditions:
(a) The order is for an injectable Schedule II narcotic substance that is to be compounded by the pharmacist for patient use; or
(b) The prescription is written for patients in a long-term care facility or a hospice program as defined in RCW 69.50.308;
(c) The prescription must be signed by the prescriber;
(d) In a nonemergent situation, an order for Schedule II controlled substances may be prepared for delivery to a patient pursuant to a facsimile transmission but may not be dispensed to the patient except upon presentation of a written order;
(e) In an emergent situation, an order for Schedule II controlled substances may be dispensed to the patient upon the oral prescription of a prescriber subject to the requirements of RCW 69.50.308(c). The pharmacy has seven days to obtain a written prescription that covers an emergency Schedule II oral prescription;
(f) To a hospital as defined in WAC 246-873-010 for a patient admitted to or being discharged from the hospital.
(4) The transmitted order shall be filed in the same manner as any other prescription. However, the pharmacist is responsible for assuring that the quality of the order is sufficient to be legible for at least two years pursuant to the records retention requirements of WAC 246-869-100.
(5) Refill authorizations for prescriptions may be electronically transmitted.
(6) The pharmacist is responsible for assuring that each electronically transmitted prescription is valid and shall verify authenticity with the prescriber whenever there is a question.
(7) No agreement between a prescriber and a pharmacist or pharmacy shall require that prescription orders be electronically transmitted from the prescriber to only that pharmacy.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 69.41, 69.50 RCW, RCW 18.64.005. WSR 03-24-070, § 246-870-050, filed 12/1/03, effective 1/1/04.]