PDFWAC 415-104-684


The following psychoneurotic conditions are causes for rejection of membership:
(1) History of a psychoneurotic reaction which caused:
(a) Hospitalization;
(b) Prolonged care by a physician;
(c) Loss of time from normal pursuits for repeated periods even if of brief duration, or
(d) Symptoms or behavior of a repeated nature which impaired school or work efficiency;
(2) History of a brief psychoneurotic reaction or nervous disturbance within the preceding twelve months which was sufficiently severe to require medical attention or absence from work or school for a brief period (maximum of seven days).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.50.050(6) and 41.50.090. WSR 78-03-023 (Order IV), § 415-104-684, filed 2/15/78. Formerly WAC 297-50-200.]