Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 16-305 WAC
Last Update: 6/7/18

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WAC Sections
16-305-010Purpose of chapter.
16-305-015Activities outside the scope of enforcement.
16-305-020Industrial hemp research program goals.
16-305-040Industrial hemp license application.
16-305-050Qualifications of applicants.
16-305-060Industrial hemp grower license.
16-305-070Industrial hemp processor and marketer license.
16-305-080Industrial hemp combination license.
16-305-090Industrial hemp distributor license.
16-305-100Industrial hemp importer certificate.
16-305-110Industrial hemp business licenses and taxes.
16-305-120Suspension of industrial hemp licenses for noncompliance with a child support order.
16-305-130Fit for commerce certification.
16-305-140Transporting industrial hemp.
16-305-150Industrial hemp seed and propagules.
16-305-160Industrial hemp data and reporting requirements.
16-305-170Records retention.
16-305-180Industrial hemp for human consumption.
16-305-190Industrial hemp inspection and sampling criteria.
16-305-200Industrial hemp lab testing criteria.
16-305-210Industrial hemp testing fees.
16-305-220Industrial hemp license fees.
16-305-230Industrial hemp noncompliance for THC concentration.
16-305-240Scope of enforcement.
16-305-242Enforcement actions subject to availability of funds.
16-305-245Determination of civil penalties and license enforcement penalties.
16-305-250Monetary penalties, license denial, suspension or revocation, and right to adjudicative proceeding.
16-305-251Category 1 violations.
16-305-252Category 2 seed distributor violations.
16-305-253Category 3 grower or processor violations.
16-305-254Category 4 license violations.
16-305-255Category 5 regulatory violations.
16-305-256Penalty for failure to follow industrial hemp destruction order.
16-305-257Other dispositions of alleged violations that the department may choose.
16-305-260Venue for legal action.