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Chapter 16-730 WAC
Last Update: 6/28/05

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WAC Sections
16-730-005What is the purpose of the asparagus equipment lease program?
16-730-007How does the department ensure that program participants comply with the program's purpose?
16-730-010What definitions are important to this chapter?
16-730-015How will the asparagus equipment leasing program be administered?
16-730-020Who is eligible to participate in the asparagus equipment leasing program?
16-730-025How does an eligible asparagus handler/packer apply to the equipment leasing program?
16-730-030When will an applicant know if they have been approved to participate in the equipment leasing program?
16-730-035If an application is denied, can the applicant request a review of the director's decision?
16-730-040If an applicant's initial application is disapproved, can the applicant reapply to the equipment leasing program?
16-730-045What is the process the program will follow to distribute equipment leasing money to approved applicants?
16-730-050How will the program's equipment leasing money be allocated in 2004?
16-730-055For the initial leasing program, what are the base distribution amounts for each category of handler/packers?
16-730-060What requirements apply to equipment leasing program lease agreements?
16-730-062What happens if an approved handler/packer defaults on a lease?
16-730-065How long will the initial asparagus equipment leasing program be in operation?
16-730-070Who develops the depreciation schedules for the program's leased equipment?
16-730-075Will the equipment used in the asparagus equipment leasing program be offered for sale to the handler/packer who leased it?