Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 132F-121 WAC
Last Update: 1/25/16

(Formerly chapter 132F-120 WAC)
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WAC Sections
132F-121-005Statement of values.
132F-121-010Definitions and general provisions.
132F-121-020Student rights, freedoms, and responsibilities.
132F-121-030Student organizations.
132F-121-040Journalistic freedom and responsibility.
132F-121-050Student use of the district/college name.
132F-121-060Student complaints generally.
132F-121-070Informal processing of complaints.
132F-121-080Formal processing of complaints.
132F-121-090Additional provisions for grade complaints.
132F-121-100Student conduct generally.
132F-121-110Student misconduct.
132F-121-120Instructor sanctions for course work dishonesty or classroom misconduct.
132F-121-130Disciplinary jurisdiction.
132F-121-140Initiation of discipline.
132F-121-150Vice president's review and action.
132F-121-160Disciplinary actions.
132F-121-170Appeals and referrals generally.
132F-121-180Student conduct committee.
132F-121-190Student conduct committee hearings—In general.
132F-121-200Student conduct committee hearings—Presentations of evidence.
132F-121-210Student conduct committee initial order.
132F-121-220President's review and final college order.
132F-121-230Reestablishment of academic standing after successful appeal.
132F-121-240Reinstatement after suspension or expulsion.
132F-121-250Summary suspensions.
132F-121-260Maintenance of student discipline records.