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Chapter 132Q-10 WAC
Last Update: 5/18/17

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WAC Sections
132Q-10-101Standards of conduct for students—Preamble.
132Q-10-115Decisions and appeals.
132Q-10-120Jurisdiction of the standards of conduct for students.
132Q-10-125Violation of law and standards of student conduct.
132Q-10-130Responsibility for guests.
132Q-10-135Students studying abroad.
132Q-10-140Group conduct.
132Q-10-200Misconduct—Violations of the standards of conduct for students.
132Q-10-210Academic dishonesty and ethical violations.
132Q-10-211Competence to profit from curriculum offerings.
132Q-10-212Disruption or obstruction.
132Q-10-214Abuse of self.
132Q-10-215Assault, intimidation, bullying, verbal threats.
132Q-10-216Theft or damage to property.
132Q-10-220Failure to comply with college officials.
132Q-10-222Unauthorized keys or unauthorized entry.
132Q-10-224Violation of CCS policy, procedure, rule, regulation, or behavioral contract.
132Q-10-226Violation of law.
132Q-10-228Drugs, controlled substances, and marijuana.
132Q-10-231Use of tobacco, electronic cigarettes and related products.
132Q-10-232Firearms and dangerous weapons.
132Q-10-234Disorderly conduct.
132Q-10-236Unauthorized use of electronic or other devices.
132Q-10-238Abuse or theft of CCS information technology.
132Q-10-240Abuse of the student conduct system.
132Q-10-243Sexual harassment.
132Q-10-244Sexually violent conduct.
132Q-10-250Reckless endangerment.
132Q-10-254Violation of a disciplinary sanction.
132Q-10-255Aiding others.
132Q-10-305Process to file complaints.
132Q-10-306Initial review of complaints.
132Q-10-310Disposition of misconduct complaints by the student conduct officer.
132Q-10-315Notice to the accused student of complaint.
132Q-10-318Student conduct officer disciplinary proceedings.
132Q-10-320Interim suspension and other restrictions.
132Q-10-325Student conduct board proceedings.
132Q-10-330Student conduct board decision and notification.
132Q-10-332Student conduct administrative panel proceedings.
132Q-10-333Student conduct administrative panel decision and notification.
132Q-10-335Appeals of misconduct—Review of decision.
132Q-10-400Disciplinary sanctions.
132Q-10-500Classroom misconduct and authority to suspend for up to three days.
132Q-10-501Additional procedural requirements for sexually violent conduct matters.
132Q-10-502Supplemental procedures for allegations of sexually violent conduct.
132Q-10-503Supplemental appeal rights for alleged sexually violent conduct.