Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 180-19 WAC
Last Update: 10/2/17

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WAC Sections
180-19-020Notice of intent to submit an authorizer application.
180-19-030Submission of authorizer application.
180-19-040Evaluation and approval or denial of authorizer applications.
180-19-050Authorizing contract.
180-19-060Authorizer oversight fee.
180-19-070Charter school—Request for proposals.
180-19-080Charter school applications—Submission, approval, or denial.
180-19-090Board certification of charter schools—Lottery.
180-19-200Computation of time.
180-19-210Annual report by authorizer.
180-19-220Oversight of authorizers—General provisions.
180-19-230Oversight of authorizers—Special review.
180-19-240Oversight of authorizers—Notice of identified problems.
180-19-250Oversight of authorizers—Revocation of authorizing contract.
180-19-260Authorizer oversight—Transfer of charter contract.