Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 220-330 WAC
Last Update: 6/7/19

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WAC Sections
220-330-010Shellfish—Daily limits.
220-330-020Personal-use shellfish gear—Unlawful acts.
220-330-030Personal-use crab pot gear requirements.
220-330-040Crab—Areas and seasons—Personal use.
220-330-050Crab—Unlawful acts—Personal use.
220-330-060Personal-use shrimp pot gear requirements.
220-330-070Shrimp—Areas and seasons.
220-330-080Shrimp containers.
220-330-090Crawfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, goose barnacles—Areas and seasons, personal-use fishery.
220-330-100Personal-use crab, shrimp, crawfish—Unlawful acts.
220-330-110Clams other than razor clams, and mussels—Areas and seasons.
220-330-120Clams, oysters, mussels—Unlawful acts.
220-330-130Oysters and scallops—Gear.
220-330-140Oysters—Areas and seasons.
220-330-150Oysters and clams on private tidelands—Personal use.
220-330-160Razor clams—Areas and seasons.
220-330-170Razor clams—Unlawful acts.
220-330-180Squid, octopus.