Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 314-28 WAC
Last Update: 10/2/19

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WAC Sections
314-28-030What does a distillery license allow?
314-28-050What does a craft distillery license allow?
314-28-055What are the requirements for contract production by craft distilleries?
314-28-060What are the general requirements for a craft distillery license?
314-28-070Monthly reporting and payment requirements for a distiller and craft distiller.
314-28-080What if a distillery or craft distillery licensee fails to report or pay, or reports or pays late?
314-28-090Distilleries or craft distilleries—Selling out-of-state.
314-28-095Farmer's market spirits sales.
314-28-100Consumer orders, internet sales, and delivery for distillery and craft distillery licensees.
314-28-200Adoption of federal laws.
314-28-210Return of spirits by retailer—Replacement—Conditions.
314-28-220Bonded and nonbonded spirits warehouse.