Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 314-29 WAC
Last Update: 10/17/18

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WAC Sections
314-29-005What are the procedures for notifying a licensee or a mandatory alcohol server training permit holder of an alleged violation of a board statute or regulation?
314-29-006What is the process once the board summarily suspends a liquor license?
314-29-007How may a licensee challenge the summary suspension of his or her liquor license?
314-29-008Review of orders on stay.
314-29-010What options does a licensee or permit holder have once he/she receives a notice of an administrative violation?
314-29-015What are the penalties if a liquor license holder violates a liquor law or rule?
314-29-020Group 1 violations against public safety.
314-29-025Group 2 regulatory violations.
314-29-030Group 3 license violations.
314-29-035Group 4 nonretail violations.
314-29-038Group 5 public safety violations for sports entertainment facility licenses.
314-29-040Information about liquor license suspensions.