Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 314-38 WAC
Last Update: 2/7/18

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WAC Sections
314-38-010Serve employees and guests permit under Title 66 RCW.
314-38-020Permits—Fees established.
314-38-030Fee for replacement of a lost or destroyed license or permit.
314-38-040Beverage alcohol raffle permit—Fee.
314-38-050Serve employees and guest permit—Purpose—Use.
314-38-060Special permit for technical or community colleges, regional university, or state university as authorized by RCW 66.20.010(12) shall be called a class 15 permit.
314-38-070Class 16 day spa permit.
314-38-080Class 18 special winery permit.
314-38-090Class 19 special distillery permit.
314-38-095Class 20 special brewery permit.
314-38-100Accommodation sale permit.
314-38-110Nonprofit wine auction permit.