WSR 97-23-057



[Memorandum--November 14, 1997]

In accordance with RCW 42.30.075, the University of Washington is providing the enclosed meeting schedule(s) for governing bodies of schools, colleges, departments and programs at the university that maintain regular meeting schedules at the UW Public Records Office.

Here are scheduled 1998 faculty meetings (all on Thursdays at 11:30) for the division of the College of Forest Resources that combines the Ecosystem Science and Conservation Division and the Urban Horticulture Division.

winter quarter

January 15 Douglas Classroom, UH

January 29 22 Anderson

February 12 Douglas Classroom, UH

February 26 22 Anderson

March 12 Douglas Classroom, UH

spring quarter

April 9 Douglas Classroom, UH

April 23 22 Anderson

May 7 22 Anderson

May 21 Douglas Classroom, UH

June 4 22 Anderson

fall quarter

October 8 Douglas Classroom, UH

October 22 22 Anderson

November 5 Douglas Classroom, UH

November 19 22 Anderson

December 3 Douglas Classroom, UH

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