WSR 98-03-092



[Filed January 21, 1998, 11:48 a.m.]

notice of adoption of interpretive statement

Title: 1. "Can a nurse accept a faxed order that is not signed; can they accept an order signed in the physician office, but not in the facility?"

2. "Is a physician order required when a resident specifies a DNR advanced directive?"

Issuing Entity: Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission.

Subject: The commission issued an advisory opinion in response to the request from Jane Burster, Medical Record Consultant, Tacoma, Washington.

Effective Date: December 12, 1997.

Contact Person: Jeanne E. Vincent, RN, MS, Associate Nurse Practice Manager, Department of Health, Nursing Care Commission, P.O. Box 47864, Olympia, WA 98504-7864, (360) 664-2881.

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