WSR 98-09-054


[Filed April 16, 1998, 11:46 a.m.]

withdrawal of bulletins and technical assistance advisories

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner has issued 169 Bulletins and Technical Assistance Advisories in the past 47 years. These Bulletins and Technical Assistance Advisories are designed to clarify state laws and/or state regulations. The Insurance Commissioner has conducted a review of all of the Bulletins and Technical Assistance Advisories. This review was one component of the Commissioner's ongoing regulatory improvement process. The Bulletins and Technical Assistance Advisories were reviewed to ensure clarity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Particular attention was paid to any changes in the underlying laws or rules that have caused the Bulletin or Technical Assistance Advisory to become obsolete, duplicative, or confusing. If a Bulletin or Technical Assistance Advisory no longer achieves intended objectives, it will be revised or withdrawn. At this time, the Commissioner is pleased to take another step in the regulatory improvement process by immediately withdrawing the following 103 Bulletins and Technical Assistance Advisories:

9/11/50 Coupon, Accumulation and Bonus Policies
10/20/50 Washington Insurance Examining Bureau
9/24/54 RCW 48.21.110-Payment of Benefits
3/12/62 Fictitious Groupings - Third Party Liability Insurance
8/20/62 Interpretation of Application of RCW 48.01.030 and RCW 48.30.260
66-1 Underwriting Practices of Individual Accident and Health Policies
7/21/66 Adoption of the 1965 Commissioner's Disability Table
11/1/67 Credit Life and Credit Accident and Health Insurance
2/3/69 Guidelines to be followed by Companies offering Life Insurance Plans to College Students under a Premium Financing Arrangement
69-3 The Insurance Premium Finance Company Act
6/4/69 New Laws Pertaining to Health Care Service Contractors
6/16/77 Insurers Writing Insurance for Washington School Districts
70-1 Reporting of Total Loss Vehicle Claims
71-1 Document Fee for Filing Forms
71-4 Filing Requirements and Penalties
73-1 Adherence to Filing Requirements
73-2 Issuance of Insurance Agents' Licenses
73-3 Items Relating to Disability Insurance
73-4 Deceptive Advertising and "Nursing-Home" Benefits
73-5 (1) Amended Non-Renewal Law

(2) Uninsured Motorists Provisions

73-6 Washington's Automobile Personal Injury Protection Endorsement
73-7 Speed-up in Licensing Procedures
74-1 Reductions in Automobile Insurance Rates During the Energy Crisis
74-2 Property Insurance Filings
74-3 (1) Extension of Credit by Agents & Brokers

(2) Brokers, Only, May Charge Fees

74-4 Automobile Insurers to Notify Policyholders and Agents of Availability of Reduced Premiums
74-5 Acceptance of Experience or Schedule Rating for Property Insurance (Fire) Coverage of Business Package Policies
74-6 Improper Adjustment of Claims Under the Comparative Negligence Statute
75-1 Insurance Code Provisions Affecting Title Insurers and their Agents
76-1 Citizen Band Radios as Excluded "Devices for the Reproduction of sound" under the Unscheduled Personal Property Provision of Homeowners Policies
76-4 Private Passenger Automobile Insurance Market
77-1 Unfair and Deceptive Practices with Respect to Credit Insurance
77-2 Individual Disability Insurance Minimum Standards and Disclosure Requirements
77-3 Return of Policy for Refund of Premium
77-4 Right of Debtor to Select Agent, Broker or Insurer
77-5 Individual Disability Insurance Minimum Standards and Disclosure Regulation
77-6 Acceptance of Experience or Schedule Rating for Property Insurance (Fire) Coverages of Business Package Policies
77-7 Disclosure Requirements with Respect to Deposit-Term-Type Insurance
77-8 Interpretation of the Individual Insurance Minimum and Disclosure Requirements
77-9 Replacements Involving Tax Sheltered Annuities
78-2 Minimum Guidelines for Readable Automobile Policies
78-3 Use of Binders in furnishing Property Insurance in Connection with a Loan
78-4 Uniform Health Insurance Claims Forms
78-5 Medicare Supplement Disclosure Forms
78-9 Matters Affecting Health Service Contractors
78-10 Uniform Health Insurance Claim Forms
79-1 Implementation of the President's Anti-Inflation Program
79-2 Discontinuance of Temporary Life Insurance Agents' Licenses
79-5 Change in the Law with Respect to Legal Process Against Surplus Line Insurers
79-6 The Anti-Inflation Program
79-7 Advancement of funds by Title Insurance Companies as Agents as Rebating
80-1 New Laws Affecting Automobile Insurers
80-2 Mount St. Helens Eruption Claims Advice
81-1 Agents' Licensing Violations
81-2 Charging of Fees by Licensees
81-3 Regulations Applicable to Life Insurance and Annuities
81-4 Licensing Requirements for Adjusters
81-5 New Laws Relating to Automobile Insurance
82-1 Benefits for Registered Nurses' Services
82-3 Wood-burning Stoves and Fireplaces in Mobile Homes
82-4 New Standard Nonforfeiture and Valuation Laws
82-5 1982 Premium Tax Changes
82-8 Cancellation of Previously Approved Tax Exemptions
83-1 Mandatory Coverage for Reconstructive Breast Surgery
83-3 Summary of 1983 Legislation Affecting Health Care Service Contractors and Health Maintenance Organizations
83-5 Mandatory Offering of Certain Coverages
83-6 Over-Insurance of Property
84-1 Multiple Employer Trusts (METs) - an Alert to Agents and Brokers
84-2 Commissioner's Annuity Reserve Valuation Method -- Single Premium Deferred Annuities & Related Insurance and Annuity Contracts
84-3 Home Health Care and Hospice Care
84-4 Group Coverage for Mental Health Treatment
84-5 UB-82 Hospital Billing Form
85-1 Legislative Changes Requiring Prompt Attention
85-3 Group Coverage for Mental Health Treatment
85-4 Statement of Opinion on Loss and Loss Adjustment Expense Reserves
85-5 Market Availability Survey
86-1 Cancellation of Agency Appointments
86-3 Changes to the Cancellation and Nonrenewal Laws

Insurance Premium Tax Rates, Regulatory Operating Fee and Rates and Forms Filing Fees
86-5 Group Coverage for Mental health Treatment
86-7 Long-Term Care Insurance: (1) Prohibited Practices, (2) Forms
86-9 Administrative Alternatives for Implementation of Changes to Coordination of Benefits Rules
87-1 Group Annuity Policies Issued to Financial Institutions
87-2 Insurance Education Regulation
87-3 Legislative Changes Requiring Prompt Attention
88-1 Liability Experience - 1987 Annual Reports WAC 284-07-010, 284-07-014, and 284-07-024
88-2 Washington State Health Insurance Pool
89-5 Notice - Washington Health Insurance Pool Board of Directors
89-6 Notice - Washington Health Insurance Pool Board of Directors
90-1 Licensing Violations and Distinctions Between Agents and Brokers
91-1 Operation Desert Storm -- Reduced Automobile Insurance Costs to the Military Personnel Involved Therein
91-3 Licensing Requirements for Licensees who Maintain more than one Place of Business in the State
91-5 Operation Desert Storm -- Reinstatement of Health Insurance Coverage for Veterans
91-9 Excess Loss/Stop Loss Coverage Written by Life & Disability Insurers
92-1 Telephone Approvals and/or Disapprovals
5/18/94 Implementation of Portability and Pre-Existing Condition Rules
94-4 Guaranteed Continuity of Coverage -Cancellation or Non-Renewal of Coverage -Ceasing Sale of Contract Form - Rate Increases on Discontinued Forms
94-6 Administrative Alternatives for Implementation of changes to Coordination of Benefits Rules
94-7 Published Policies
95-1 Health Care Provider Selection, Termination, and Dispute Resolution Procedures
95-3 Initiative 607 - Denturism
95-4 Use of Certain "Lifestyle" Rating Factors
95-7 Use of Certain "Lifestyle" Rating Factors


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