WSR 98-19-097



[Filed September 23, 1998, 8:17 a.m.]

notice of adoption of interpretive statement

Title: "Have any changes been made concerning scope of practice for a "Licensed Practical Nurse" handling on-site patient triage under "Standing Order" since the Nursing Board review of Cedar Creek's standing orders in February, 1994. Question is specific to almost completed review of standing orders and protocols with Nursing Board, Board of Pharmacy, DEA and DOH."

Issuing Entity: Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission.

Subject: The commission issued an advisory opinion in response to the request from Phillip Ingram, PA-C, Littlerock, Washington.

Effective Date: July 23, 1998.

Contact Person: Jeanne E. Vincent, RN, MS, Associate Nurse Practice Manager, Department of Health, Nursing Care Commission, P.O. Box 47864, Olympia, WA 98504-7864, (360) 664-2881.  

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