WSR 98-19-104



[Filed September 23, 1998, 8:22 a.m.]

notice of adoption of policy statement

Title of Policy: Notification to Practitioner and Complainant of the Receipt of a Complaint and Case Disposition, D23.02.

Issuing Entity: Health Professions Quality Assurance Division, Department of Health.

Subject Matter: This revises the current division policy. The policy establishes a uniform policy and procedure for notifying practitioners, complainant, and the public of the existence and disposition of a complaint.

Effective Date: January 5, 1998.

Contact Person: Linda McCue, Project Manager, Department of Health, Health Policy and Constituent Relations, Health Professions Quality Assurance Division, P.O. Box 47860, 1300 S.E. Quince Street, Olympia, WA 98504-7860, (360) 664-3908.  

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