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[Filed December 16, 1998, 2:28 p.m.]




DECEMBER 16, 1998

This agenda is prepared pursuant to RCW 34.05.314. The commission is currently reviewing proposed changes to chapters 391-55 and 391-65 WAC. This effort is being undertaken as part of the second-year phase of the four-year rules review process mandated by EO 97-02. The following sections of chapter 391-55 WAC are being reviewed for possible change:

WAC 391-55-001 Scope--Contents--Other rules.

WAC 391-55-002 Sequence and numbering of rules--Special provisions.

WAC 391-55-010 Resolution of impasses--Request for mediation.

NEW Grievance mediation--Request for grievance mediation--Service.

WAC 391-55-030 Impasse resolution--Assignment of mediator.

WAC 391-55-032 Special provision--Educational employees.

WAC 391-55-050 Impasse resolution--Submission of written proposals.

WAC 391-55-070 Impasse resolution--Function of mediator.

WAC 391-55-071 Special provision--State patrol personnel.

WAC 391-55-090 Impasse resolution--Confidential nature of function.

WAC 391-55-110 Impasse resolution--Dispute resolution panel.

WAC 391-55-130 Impasse resolution--Disclosure.

WAC 391-55-150 Impasse resolution--Vacancies.

WAC 391-55-200 Interest arbitration--Onset of proceedings.

WAC 391-55-205 Interest arbitration--Appointment of partisan arbitrators.

WAC 391-55-210 Interest arbitration--Selection of impartial arbitrator.

WAC 391-55-215 Interest arbitration--Conduct of proceedings.

WAC 391-55-220 Interest arbitration--Submission of proposals for arbitration.

WAC 391-55-225 Interest arbitration--Hearing.

WAC 391-55-230 Interest arbitration--Order of proceedings and evidence.

WAC 391-55-235 Interest arbitration--Arbitration in the absence of a party.

WAC 391-55-240 Interest arbitration--Closing of arbitration hearings.

WAC 391-55-245 Interest arbitration--Award.

WAC 391-55-255 Interest arbitration--Expenses of arbitration.

WAC 391-55-300 Educational employees--Fact finding.

WAC 391-55-310 Educational employees--Selection of fact finder.

WAC 391-55-315 Educational employees--Conduct of fact finding proceedings.

WAC 391-55-320 Educational employees--Submission of proposals for fact finding.

WAC 391-55-325 Educational employees--Fact finding hearing.

WAC 391-55-330 Educational employees--Order of proceedings and evidence.

WAC 391-55-335 Educational employees--Fact finding in the absence of a party.

WAC 391-55-340 Educational employees--Closing of fact finding hearings.

WAC 391-55-345 Educational employees--Findings of fact and recommendations.

WAC 391-55-350 Educational employees--Responsibility of parties after fact finding.

WAC 391-55-355 Educational employees--Expenses of fact finding.

The following sections of chapter 391-65 WAC are being reviewed for possible change:

WAC 391-65-001 Scope--Contents--Other rules.

WAC 391-65-002 Sequence and numbering of rules--Special provisions.

WAC 391-65-010 Grievance arbitration--Who may file.

WAC 391-65-030 Grievance arbitration--Filing--Service

WAC 391-65-050 Grievance arbitration--Contents of request.

WAC 391-65-070 Grievance arbitration--Appointment of staff arbitrator.

WAC 391-65-072 Special provision--Educational employees.

WAC 391-65-073 Special provision--Academic employees.

WAC 391-65-090 Grievance arbitration--Designation of panel of arbitrators.

WAC 391-65-110 Grievance arbitration--Conduct of proceedings.

WAC 391-65-130 Grievance arbitration--Award.

WAC 391-65-150 Grievance arbitration--Expenses.

The following section of chapter 391-08 WAC is being reviewed for possible change:

WAC 391-08-310 Subpoenas--Form--Issuance to parties.

Please contact Mark S. Downing, Rules Coordinator, at (360) 753-2955 if you have any questions concerning this matter.  

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