WSR 99-12-090




[ Filed June 1, 1999, 1:58 p.m. ]

The Following Sections are Proposed for Expedited Repeal: Chapter 296-50 WAC, Safety standards for manufacture of explosives in its entirety. Individual sections proposed for repeal are WAC 296-50-010, 296-50-020, 296-50-030, 296-50-040, 296-50-050, 296-50-060, 296-50-070, 296-50-080, 296-50-090, 296-50-100, 296-50-110, 296-50-120, 296-50-130, 296-50-140, 296-50-150, 296-50-160, 296-50-170, 296-50-180, 296-50-190, 296-50-200, 296-50-210, 296-50-220, and 296-50-230.

Rules Proposed for Expedited Repeal Meet the Following Criteria: Rule is no longer necessary because of changed circumstances; and other rules of the agency or of another agency govern the same activity as the rule, making the rule redundant.

Any person who objects to the repeal of the rule must file a written objection to the repeal within thirty days after publication of this preproposal statement of inquiry.

Address Your Objection to: Selwyn Walters, Department of Labor and Industries, P.O. Box 44001, Olympia, WA 98504-4001.

Reason the Expedited Repeal of the Rule is Appropriate: There are currently no explosive manufacturers in the state of Washington with which to regulate. The necessary requirements to ensure the safety, health and welfare of explosive manufacturing are located within chapters 296-24, 296-52, and 296-67 WAC. In addition, there is no equivalent federal (OSHA) regulation to chapter 296-50 WAC.

May 19, 1999

Gary Moore



     The following chapter of the Washington Administrative Code is repealed:
WAC 296-50-010Foreword.
WAC 296-50-020Introductory.
WAC 296-50-030Management's responsibility.
WAC 296-50-040Employee's responsibility.
WAC 296-50-050Minimum requirements for first aid.
WAC 296-50-060First-aid kit.
WAC 296-50-070First-aid room.
WAC 296-50-080General regulations.
WAC 296-50-090Dope house.
WAC 296-50-100Dynamite mixing house.
WAC 296-50-110Dynamite pack machine house.
WAC 296-50-120Gelatin mixing house.
WAC 296-50-130Gelatin cartridge machine house.
WAC 296-50-140Handpack house.
WAC 296-50-150Waste opening house.
WAC 296-50-160Box packing house.
WAC 296-50-170Powder repair shop.
WAC 296-50-180Batch nitrator.
WAC 296-50-190Separator and prewash operation.
WAC 296-50-200N.G. neutralizing house and store house.
WAC 296-50-210Acid operations.
WAC 296-50-220Spare parts houses.
WAC 296-50-230Nitrocotton screening and drying houses.

Washington State Code Reviser's Office