WSR 04-07-109



[ Filed March 18, 2004, 10:44 a.m. ]

Technical Assistance Advisory Updates

March 16, 2004

Due to changes that have occurred over the past few years, information on many of the insurance commissioner's technical assistance advisories (TAA) is outdated. The advisories below have been updated to include the correct OIC staff contact information to ensure that when questions come up about the content of a TAA, the correct individual within the OIC may be reached. The updates are limited to contact information only. If you have questions please contact Kacy Scott at (360) 725-7041,

94-9 Phone number changed for contact person: (360) 725-7032 and e-mail address added [].
95-5 Contact information changed: Gretchen Holtz,, (206) 464-6263, 810 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104.
97-1 Contact person changed: Dennis Julnes, (360) 725-7209,
97-3 Contact information changed: Lee Barclay's phone number corrected (360) 725-7115 and e-mail address added; Rate[s] and Form[s] Helpdesk added for form filing questions: (360) 725-7111,
98-3 Contact information and website address changed: Rates and Forms Helpdesk: (360) 725-7111,, website
98-5 Contact information changed: Carol Sureau, (360) 725-7050 or
99-4 Contact information changed: Beth Berendt, (360) 725-7117 or
00-02 Contact information changed: Beth Berendt, (360) 725-7117 or
00-03 Lichiou Lee's phone number changed to (360) 725-7128 and "associate" taken off title. Reference to new law on website was changed to site where sections are codified: Section 3 is codified at chapter 48.20 RCW, section 29 at chapter 48.44 RCW, and section 32 at chapter 48.46 RCW.
00-04 Lichiou Lee's phone number changed: (360) 725-7128.
00-07 Lichiou Lee's phone number changed: (360) 725-7128.
02-01 Update location of TAA on website:, reference to filing forms and procedures on website: industry/mainpropertycasualty.asp and update contact information. Lee Barclay, (360) 725-7115; contact for form filing contact changed to Rate[s] and Forms Help Line, (360) 725-7111, or
02-03 Update contact information: Rate[s] and Forms Help Line, (360) 725-7111 or

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