WSR 05-17-036



[ Memorandum -- August 8, 2005 ]

Oil Transfer Operations Advisory Committee

Spill Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Program

The Department of Ecology announces a regular quarterly meeting of the Oil Transfer Operations Advisory Committee established by Washington Administrative Code Chapter 88.46 Section 160 [RCW 88.46.160], on August 18, 2005, at 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the Criminal Justice Training Commission, 19010 1st Avenue South, Burien, WA.

The mission of this committee is to provide input and advice to the program on current oil transfer practices and improvements to those practices that would enhance the prevention of, preparedness for, and response to oil spills during transfers.

This meeting is open to the public and a public comment period is included in the meeting agenda.

More information can be found on our web site

The organizations and interests represented on the committee are: Aquaculture, environmental protection organizations, marine terminals, oil refineries, spill response organizations, state of Oregon, tank truck operators, tribal governments, United States Coast Guard, United States Navy, the public at large, and Marine transportation - Dry cargo, fishing, labor, oil, passenger, ports, and towing.

Washington State Code Reviser's Office