1441-S2.E AMS BRAN GORR 022




E2SHB 1441 - S AMD 659

By Senator Brandland and Hargrove


PULLED 4/23/05




On page 1, line 10, after "coverage", insert "and access to the care of physicians"


On page 1, line 11, after "coverage", insert "and access to such care"


On page 2, line 14, after "state." insert "The legislature intends that this shall also be accomplished by providing tax credits to physicians who serve uninsured or low income children receiving state-purchased care."


On page 2, after line 17, insert the following:

"(3) It is also the intent of the legislature that the department of revenue shall develop, in consultation with the department of health, the department of social and health services, and the health care authority, a program to provide business and occupation tax credits for physicians who serve uninsured, or low income children receiving state-purchased care in a private practice and shall submit proposed legislation to the legislature by December 15, 2005."


Renumber the sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.





— END ---


EFFECT: Directs DOR, DOH, DSHS and HCA to develop a proposed program to provide B&O tax credits to physicians serving low income children.