HB 1441-S - DIGEST


Provides access to health insurance for children.

Provides that the department shall not establish premium requirements for children or pregnant women eligible for medical assistance as defined in RCW 74.09.510 or the children's health program as defined in RCW 74.09.415.

Provides that in the event that available funding is not sufficient to provide the amount, duration, and scope of services provided to children under medical assistance, the department shall make every effort to define covered services in a manner that provides coverage for clinically proven preventive services and meets the needs of children with special health care needs.

Declares that enrollment in the children's health program shall not result in expenditures that exceed the amount that has been appropriated for the program in the operating budget. If it appears that continued enrollment will result in expenditures exceeding the appropriated level for a particular fiscal year, the department may freeze new enrollment in the program for that year.