5297-S.E AMH ANDG CORD 092





ESSB 5297 - H AMD 737

By Representative Anderson

FAILED 4/11/2007


   On page 3, line 13, after (5), insert "(a)"


   On page 3, after line 18, insert the following:

   "(b) Subject to funds appropriated for this purpose and to requirements established under this subsection, school districts with public schools offering sexual health education on the effective date of this section that incur additional cost to purchase curricula or pay for additional preparation and/or instruction time to comply with this section shall be reimbursed by the office of the superintendent of public instruction for the cost of purchasing the curricula or paying for additional preparation and/or instruction time. The superintendent of public instruction shall establish reasonable application requirements for school districts applying for these reimbursement funds."




EFFECT: Adds that school districts with schools currently offering sexual health education that incur additional costs to comply with the bill's requirements, including purchasing curricula or paying for additional preparation or instruction time, will be reimbursed for the additional costs, subject to funds appropriated for that purpose.