5297-S.E AMH HINK CORD 058





ESSB 5297 - H AMD 70

By Representative Hinkle

FAILED 4/11/2007


   On page 2, beginning on line 26, after "by" strike all material through "health" on line 32 and insert "statistically significant research in compliance with scientific methods, and is recognized as accurate and objective by medical textbooks, the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists"





EFFECT: Amends the definition of "medically and scientifically accurate" sexual health information to (1) add that the supporting research must be statistically significant and recognized as accurate by medical textbooks, as well as the other listed expert organizations, and (2) delete a requirement for supporting research to be published in peer-review journals and, from the list of expert organizations that recognize the research's accuracy, delete the Department of Health and the reference to other unnamed expert organizations.