5297-S.E AMH HINK CORD 066





ESSB 5297 - H AMD 703

By Representative Hinkle

FAILED 4/11/2007


   On page 3, line 19, after "(6)" insert the following:

   "If any public school within a school district offers sexual health education, the school board must, during a school board meeting at least once annually, include an update and opportunity for public input regarding the sexual health education. At a minimum, the school board must be presented with information that includes the number of schools that are providing sexual health education, the grade levels in which the instruction is offered, and the curricula being used by the schools. Any curricula used must also be available at the school board meeting for public review.



   Renumber the subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.





EFFECT: Requires a school board, during at least one school board meeting annually, to include an update and public input on the sexual health education being offered in any school in the district. Requires the curricula being used in the schools to be available at the meeting for public review.