5297-S.E AMH NEWH CORD 098





ESSB 5297 - H AMD 734

By Representative Newhouse

FAILED 4/11/2007


   On page 2, line 24, after "instruction" insert ", unless the school district board of directors determines that providing such sexual health education would conflict with how the values and character traits listed in RCW 28A.150.211 are learned as determined by consensus at the local level pursuant to RCW 28A.150.211"




EFFECT: Creates an exemption from the requirement for public schools to provide sexual health education that is consistent with the 2005 Guidelines if the local school board determines that providing such instruction would conflict with how certain values and character traits are learned, as determined through local consensus, including: honesty, integrity, respect for self and others, responsibility, self-discipline, diligence, respect for law and authority, healthy/positive behavior, and family as the basis of society.