5297-S.E AMH STRO CORD 090





ESSB 5297 - H AMD 717

By Representative Strow

FAILED 4/11/2007


   On page 3, beginning on line 19, strike all of section (6) and insert the following:

   "(6) Public schools that offer sexual health education shall, at least one month before beginning sexual health education instruction in any classroom, conduct at least one presentation during evening or weekend hours for the parents and legal guardians of the school's students concerning the curriculum and materials that will be used for such instruction. The school must give parents and legal guardians reasonable notification of the presentation, including notice that the curriculum and materials are available for inspection. Students may not be required to participate in any part of the sexual health education instruction if a student's parent or legal guardian objects to the student's participation, in writing, to the child's school principal or principal's designee."




EFFECT: The amendment (1) deletes the provision allowing a parent or legal guardian to excuse his or her child from sexual health education, or to review the curriculum, by filing a written request, and replaces the provision with a requirement for schools to conduct an evening or weekend presentation concerning the sexual health education curriculum used at least one month before beginning instruction and to give the parents and legal guardians notice of the presentation; and (2) prohibits students from being required to participate in the instruction if a parent or legal guardian objects, in writing, to the school's principal or designee.