HB 1488-S2 - DIGEST

Directs the department of ecology to request that federal agencies with jurisdiction seek to require or fund the stationing of a response tug at such location, and seek reimbursement for the funding provided by the state for this purpose commencing with the fiscal year 2008 costs to the state.

Provides that, by September 1, 2008, the joint legislative audit and review committee shall examine the funding mechanism for the oil spill prevention and response programs. This study shall evaluate the state's oil spill prevention, preparedness, and response programs to compare the sources of oil spill risk with the funding mechanism. The study shall include: (1) A review of existing oil spill risk evaluations and qualitative models, including: (a) evaluations or models for a risk evaluation framework, considering such factors as volume of oil, time at sea, proximity to water, organizational readiness, and damage done; and (b) evaluations or models for risk allocation, assessing how much of the risk goes with the product and how much with where and how the product is handled and who is handling it;

(2) A review of empirical data related to actual spill numbers, spill volumes, spill locations, and other circumstances related to individual spills;

(3) Comparisons of the risk allocation to the actual funding contributed by sector; and

(4) Options to allocate the state's costs to the major risk categories, by sector.