HB 1806-S4.E - DIGEST

Declares that the intent of the act is to protect children and staff by making it easier for school districts to adopt child-friendly pest management strategies.

Requires, by January 1, 2009, the Washington state school directors' association, in consultation with the department of health and the department of agriculture, to develop a model integrated pest management policy that emphasizes the use of nonchemical pest control measures which must be disseminated to all school districts.

Requires, by September 1, 2009, each school district to have adopted an integrated pest management policy and begin implementation of an integrated pest management program that is based on the model integrated pest management policy.

Directs certain appropriation amounts from the general fund for the purposes of providing technical assistance to each school district regarding implementation of each school district's integrated pest management program to go to the Washington State University urban integrated pest management program.