5200.E AMH JUDI BARC 026



By Committee on Judiciary

ADOPTED 4/06/2009

    Strike everything after the enacting clause and insert the following:

    "Sec. 1.  RCW 16.08.030 and 1929 c 198 s 7 are each amended to read as follows:

    It shall be the duty of any person owning or keeping any dog or dogs which shall be found killing any domestic animal to kill such dog or dogs within forty-eight hours after being notified of that fact, and any person failing or neglecting to comply with the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor((, and it shall be the duty of the sheriff or any deputy sheriff to kill any dog found running at large (after the first day of August of any year and before the first day of March in the following year) without a metal identification tag))."


Correct the title.



           EFFECT:  Restores the provision making it a misdemeanor if an owner fails to kill his or her dog within 48 hours of being notified that the dog killed a domestic animal.  Removes the requirement that a sheriff or deputy sheriff kill any dog found running at large without a metal identification tag between the months of August and March. 




--- END ---