6248-S AMH ENVH MADS 187


By Committee on Environmental Health

ADOPTED 3/03/2010

    On page 1, after line 11, insert the following:

    "(3) "Sports bottle" means a resealable, reusable container, sixty-four ounces or less in size, that is designed or intended primarily to be filled with a liquid or beverage for consumption from the container, and is sold or distributed at retail without containing any liquid or beverage."


    On page 1, line 12, after "Sec. 2." insert "(1)"


    On page 1, line 14, after "state" strike "any of the following: Any" and insert ", any"


    On page 2, after line 3, insert the following:

    "(2) Beginning July 1, 2012, no manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer may manufacture, knowingly sell, offer for sale, distribute for sale, or distribute for use in this state, sports bottles that contain bisphenol A."




           EFFECT:  Adds sports bottles containing bisphenol A to those products that may not be manufactured, sold, or distributed for sale or use in Washington beginning July 1, 2012, and defines sports water bottles.   




--- END ---