6355-S AMH HE SMIT 275


By Committee on Higher Education

ADOPTED 3/02/2010

    On page 5, line 27, after "degrees" insert "; and

    (d) Recommendations from the technology transformation task force created in chapter 407, laws of 2009 and institutions of higher education relative to the strategic and operational use of technology in higher education. These and other reports, reviews, and audits shall allow for: The development of enterprise wide digital information technology across educational sectors, systems and delivery methods; the integration and streamlining of administrative tools including but not limited to student information management, financial management, payroll, human resources, data collection, reporting, and analysis; and a determination of the costs of multiple technology platforms, systems, and models"


    On page 8, line 5, after "technology" insert "in order to effectively and efficiently share costs, improve the quality of instruction and student, faculty, and administrative services, increase undergraduate and graduate student access, retention and graduation, and enhance transfer capability"



           EFFECT:  Requires the HECB to consider the strategic and operational use of technology in higher education as part of the process of developing the state needs assessment. Provides the HECB additional direction in awarding grants from the Washington Fund for Innovation regarding improving the use of technology.  





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