6355-S AMH WHIT SMIT 289

SSB 6355 - H AMD 1349

By Representative White

ADOPTED 3/02/2010

    On page 5, line 4, beginning with "significant" strike all material through "centers" and insert "conversion of existing campuses, branches, or centers that would result in a mission change"


    On page 5, line 12, after "institutions." insert "Board recommendations regarding proposed major expansion shall be limited to determinations of whether the major expansion is within the scope indicated in the most recent strategic master plan for higher education or most recent system design plan. Recommendations regarding existing capital prioritization processes are not within the scope of the evaluation of major expansion."




           EFFECT:   Clarifies that review of major expansion is limited to proposed capital investment in entirely new institutions, campuses, branches, or centers as well as conversion of existing campuses, branches, or centers that results in a mission change.




--- END ---